Gambit Gaming crush the Copenhagen Wolves in well-executed game

by theScore Staff Jul 2 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Gambit Gaming made all the right calls to supply good lane, poke and turret pressure to win their Thursday game against the Copenhagen Wolves after 34 minutes.

Though they gave up First Blood within the first minute in a failed jungle invade, Gambit turned the pace of the match around almost immediately.

The week saw the Copenhagen Wolves load onto the rift with a new roster, having added Lenny in the top lane to replace Youngbuck and Je suis Kaas as support to replace Unlimited. They lost two of their bans due to roster-submission issues, but spent their sole veto on Hecarim.

Gambit invaded the enemy jungle early on, misreading their opponents to give up First Blood to Shook's Lee Sin before the turn of the first minute.

The Wolves' advantage didn't amount to much against a squad whose lineup seemed stronger in the early game. Gambit had better turret and lane control, and their moves seemed much more calculated after their early mistake. Soon they snowballed to gain a 4-2 kill lead, shutting down the Wolves with aggressive tower dives.

The most obvious difference between the groups was in their top laners. By the 16 minute, Cabochard was a level 12 Fizz with 157 CS, while CW's Lenny (on Maokai) was still at level 8 and 59 CS.

Going into the mid game, the pace of the match slowed though Gambit still had a massive (5k) gold lead. After securing two free kills, they tried to dive into the Baron pit but were stopped by their opponents, who took a kill of their own.

In the next few minutes, leading 6-3 in kills, Gambit did manage to slay the Baron. They cracked open the enemy base with a destroyed inhibitor, leading CW to try a desperation dragon (their fourth). Gambit interrupted the effort, trading two-for-one and taking the objective.

In the 34 minute, after a two-for-one trade in the enemy base turned into a four-for-one, Gambit descended onto the nexus to finish the game leading 13-5 in kills.

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