Fnatic 11-0 after long, back-and-forth match against Giants Gaming

by theScore Staff Jul 2 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Giants Gaming very nearly handed Fnatic their first loss of the EU LCS Summer Split on Thursday — until Fnatic scored four free kills and Aspect of the Dragon in a clean comeback at the 44 minute.

The victory was Fnatic's 11th straight triumph, the longest ever winning streak of the EU (or NA) LCS.

The teams played for 16 minutes before a pause came through and the game had to be remade completely, with a new pick and bans phase. The change was due to the Giants complaining that they hadn't meant to lock in Nocturne the first time around, but no do-over being offered contrary to Riot rules.

In the new game, the Giants put Shen on top.

Giants shed First Blood at the turn of the seventh minute, when a traditional gank took down Fnatic's bottom lane duo.

But Fnatic was too superior a team to be snowballed against, keeping up a consistent CS advantage before pulling the kill score to 4-2 by the 12 minute. Fnatic was absolutely dominant, taking a 4k gold and 3-0 tower lead by the 15 minute.

However, Fnatic made several uncharacteristic mistakes going into the mid game, trying their signature Baron call but giving up four-for-one to the Giants instead in the second most important turning point of the match. The Giants secured the buff instead, now leading 7-5 in kills thanks to the beautiful fight that proved why Alistar was first-picked by the group.

In the mid game, Fnatic slowly but surely equalized the kills 11-11 by the 29 minute, even after a fight that ended badly for them gave the Giants a second Baron.

In the chaos, the Giants took an extra kill, then pushed into the mid lane to take two free kills and an inhibitor. To answer, Fnatic tried to chase their opponents but the kill score still favored the Giants at 16-12.

Down in everything but dragons, Fnatic was defending their broken base at the 35-minute mark. Just two minutes later, they made a Baron call and met their enemies to trade three-for-one, now behind only 16-17, before taking their fourth dragon and first Baron in the game's watershed moment.

At the turn of the late game, Fnatic invaded the enemy base to equalize the kills 17-17, before using Baron-buffed minions to destroy the top blue inhibitor. Meeting their enemies in front of the dragon pit, Fnatic scored four free kills and Aspect of the Dragon.

The squad rushed into the enemy base, knocking down the nexus after 45 minutes, ahead 21-17 in kills.

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