Fr3deric steals a Baron and a nexus to help Giants Gaming make a miracle comeback against SK Gaming

by theScore Staff Jul 3 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

The game seemed all but finished for SK Gaming, who led 8-0 in kills against Giants Gaming by the mid game, until a Baron call allowed GIA to steal the buff and turn the match around.

It took 26 minutes for the Giants to put themselves on the board, beginning a maddening dance of mistakes and advantages by both groups. A crucial part of GIA's comeback was PePiiNeRo's Ezreal, who dealt massive damage and finished the game 8/2/9.

But the MVP of the game was Fr3deric, whose Gragas started his team's comeback with a Baron steal, and who shattered the enemy nexus after 43 minutes even as SK players threw their bodies at him during the defense.

The teams were fairly equal in lane, but the fourth minute saw a clean and aggressive engage by SK claimed First Blood by killing Adryh's Urgot in the bottom lane.

After killing Urgot again, Adryh begin an early tilt; SK easily showed themselves as the more decisive and bullying squad. They absolutely tore through GIA in the laning phase, ignoring the minions to pull the kill score to 5-0 by the 10 minute mark.

The bloody and systematic destruction of the Giants, whose optimistic lineup was built for the late game, slowed going into the mid game. Better vision, a scaling Ezreal and an absolute commitment not to engage helped the Giants stop the blood flow and level up. But two more kills after the 20-minute mark let SK go 7-0, now leading 6k in gold, 3-0 in dragons and 3-1 in towers.

Far ahead, SK chose to go in for the Baron. But the Giants had not given up yet, and Fr3deric came in to steal the buff — the Giants finally put themselves on the board with a four-for-two trade soon after.

Looking to stop their enemy's miracle comeback, SK broke the red base to take the mid inhibitor, but stayed long enough to give up two kills.

Behind the Baron pit, the Giants managed to score a free ace to equalize the kills 11-11, then took their second Baron, now slightly ahead in gold. Having squandered their massive lead, SK secured their fourth dragon and traded two-for-one, but was still behind in gold by 35 minutes.

With their own inhibitor respawned, the Giants shattered the blue mid inhibitor, but their vision was nonexistent and a recall trip lost them a Baron. SK, for their part, was emboldened by the buff and tried to take their fifth dragon. Instead, the Giants met them in an epic and long fight that gave the red team a five-for-three.

The Giants moved in to finish the game, leading 19-17, but overestimated how much time they had. Respawned SK players got a kill before Fr3deric, with a mere second to spare before his own death, finished the game in 43 minutes.

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