Gambit Gaming use dragon fight to rally and recover against Team ROCCAT

by theScore Staff Jul 3 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Team ROCCAT lost their early lead 25 minutes into their Friday game against Gambit Gaming — and Gambit never looked back, crushing their opponents 15-5 in almost 40 minutes.

Seven minutes into the match, Betsy overextended in the mid lane to allow ROCCAT's duo to deal a lot of damage and kill him for First Blood.

ROCCAT kept up their early game aggression, poking back at their opponents to take a dragon, a second kill and two turrets. They also had a CS lead on every player but their AD Carry (MrRalleZ), giving them a sizable advantage going into the mid game.

Gambit did a good job of trying to stop ROCCAT from snowballing, keeping control of their own jungle and standing strong in lane. They got their first kill in a one-for-one trade at the 25-minute mark, then interrupted ROCCAT's dragon ambitions, when a four-versus-five skirmish gave them the buff and a free ace.

Now leading 6-3 in kills, Gambit gained control of the map after securing the Baron buff. They kept themselves ahead after disengaging from sloppy attempts by ROCCAT, who tried to take a Baron of their own but instead gave Gambit a five-for-two triumph and a second Baron. By the 36 minute, Gambit had broken the red base with a destroyed mid inhibitor, then looped around to split push and get the two remaining inhibitors while ROCCAT watched.

Their base crumbling around them, ROCCAT was behind 13k in gold when Gambit made the final push, ending the game 15-5 in almost 40 minutes.

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