Fnatic secures a playoff spot after torching the Copenhagen Wolves

by theScore Staff Jul 3 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Robert Paul / theScore eSports

Now 12-0, Fnatic have officially grabbed an early playoff spot after their 32-minute win against the Copenhagen Wolves on Friday. The victory came pretty easily to Fnatic, who were facing the last-place (2-10) team in the standings.

Even if Fnatic loses every single game in the following weeks, their undefeated streak means they will never be lower than sixth place and will therefore appear in the playoffs.

A well-placed ward by Fnatic helped them collapse onto the unsuspecting CW jungler, Shook, to claim First Blood in the seventh minute.

By the 16 minute, Fnatic was playing a characteristically calculated and clean match, while building their lead with 3-1 kills, 2-1 towers and 2-0 dragons. In the mid game, CW was aptly responding with tower and lane pressure of their own, but playing rather defensively, until they grouped up to equalize the kills 3-3.

In the meantime, Fnatic secured their third dragon buff and stopped the chances of a CW comeback. And then they all but finished the game, going in for the Baron and securing the buff, then absolutely melting enemy health bars in a clean skirmish.

Having gotten four kills, Fnatic chased down CW's Azir to score a free ace. They used the momentum to tear down the mid inhibitor, get a fourth dragon and take a second inhibitor. In their final push, they scored another free ace to finish 16-5 after 32 minutes.

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