Origen systematically destroy Elements with clean fights and map control

by theScore Staff Jul 3 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

There were few mistakes made by Origen in their match against Elements on Friday, which they won 19-3 in 35 minutes.

Soaz's Rumble ended the game 4/0/8 while xPeke's Varus went 6/1/7.

Origen opened with First Blood, killing enemy AD Carry (Tabzz on Kog'Maw) six minutes into the game. Elements answered in kind soon after, keeping up in lane pressure for the most part. Small advantages started adding up for Origen going into the mid game, when they hit a power spike and showed enough aggression to grab a 5-2 kill, 4-1 tower and 4k gold lead by the 22 minutes.

Origen's snowball continued with four free kills in the bottom lane, which let them establish fantastic vision and jungle control.

Leading 9-2 in kills, they punished an Elements engage after the 30-minute mark to land three more kills. Origen continued the bloodshed, making few mistakes, and secured the Baron.

By minute 34, Origen broke open the blue base by shattering the mid inhibitor, then tore through the nexus without a moment of hesitation to end the game 19-3 in 35 minutes.

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