H2k-Gaming wins gruelling game against the Unicorns of Love

by theScore Staff Jul 3 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Though they largely maintained control throughout the match, it took more than 44 minutes for H2k-Gaming to close out the game and defeat the Unicorns of Love 23-12.

H2K's mid laner Ryu ended the match 13/1/6 on his Jayce, while Loulex' Gragas finished with 16 assists. H2K's AD Carry Hjarnan locked in Jinx, on which his KDA ended 15/2/24.

The Unicorns tried a hyper-aggressive gank in the top lane, trying to take down Hjarnan, but H2K managed to dodge enough shots to then turn around and catch Kikis in the jungle.

The Unicorns continued to make questionable calls in the laning phase, losing farm and two more lives. The groups kept butting heads in the early game, with H2K coming out ahead by 2k gold at 12 minutes. Just seconds later, the Unicorns adjusted their style to make a small comeback, securing better vision and getting kills as a team.

It wasn't enough, though. Going into the mid game, H2K had pulled themselves up to 6-3 in kills and 3-1 in towers with a slight but consistent CS advantage on every player.

In the 28 minute, having taken more advantages, H2K felt confident enough to engage onto their opponents in the mid lane. Though the Unicorns rallied enough to separate their opponents, the extended skirmish gave H2K a four-for-two trade and the mid inhibitor.

They then killed the Baron before rotating through the jungles to pull the kill score to 13-7. Destroying the final Tier 2 turret in the 33 minute, H2K invaded the enemy base but had to back off after trading two-for-two.

Still ahead 8k in gold, 15-9 in kills and 7-2 in towers, H2K got a second inhibitor then decided to play it safe and get a second Baron.

Still leading 10k in gold, H2K collapsed onto their enemies in the bottom lane for a final fight. They invaded the enemy base to score a free ace, then finally ended the game 23-12 after 44 minutes.

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