Team Impulse crushes Enemy eSports in clean thirty-minute game

by Daniel Rosen Jul 4 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of twitch

Enemy eSports was looking for a win in their rematch against Team Impact, but a very early ace from Team Impact led to unstoppable momentum that Impact rode to the win.

Team Impulse shed First Blood, with Impact killing Flaresz, but Enemy eSports traded by slaying the first dragon. Enemy got themselves onto the kills board soon after though, as Otter and Trashy managed to chase down Apollo in the bottom lane and take him out before he could get to the safety of his turret.

But Team Impact wasn't deterred from coming back strong. Impact rushed in deep in the mid lane and secured a quadra kill, before XiaoWeiXiao stole the penta from him by killing Trashy. Team Impulse got the Ace, and forced Enemy eSports on to the defense they played for the rest of the game.

The game immediately looked to be in Impulse's favour. Just a few minutes later, Impulse had six kills, with Impact securing an extra kill on Flaresz, and five towers. As Baron spawned, Enemy eSports was forced to find a way to prevent Impulse from securing the buff.

Trashy tried flashing over the wall, but came in just a little too early to steal. Rush stayed on the Baron as the rest of Impulse peeled off and took out Trashy, Bodydrop and Innox right before they got the Baron buff.

Twenty-five minutes in, the game was all Impulse. With the gold lead, kill lead and the Baron buff, there wasn't much left for Enemy eSports to do. They managed to defend themselves a little longer but it wasn't enough to slow down Impulse's massive momentum.

Diving into the red base, Impulse shredded through their turrets before they trampled Enemy eSports and secured the Ace. Just moments later, they took the nexus and ended a very clean, dominant game.

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