Team SoloMid triumphs over Team Dragon Knights in their first game with KEITH

by Daniel Rosen Jul 4 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

There was a lot on the line in Saturday's match between Team Dragon Knights and Team SoloMid. It was TDK's second game with their "reborn" roster that won them their first game of the split against Team Dignitas.

Meanwhile, Team SoloMid was playing starting Yuri "KEITH" Jew as AD Carry, replacing Jason "WildTurtle" Tran for the first time since season three.

But it was TSM that took the win after a grueling, nearly hour-long game that started with TDK looking like the stronger team.

TDK went right for KEITH, as Emperor and Smoothie kept pushing the bottom lane and took aim on him. He survived two attacks, but wasn't so lucky the third time, as Emperor secured First Blood on KEITH with an assist from Smoothie.

Bjergsen then let himself get baited into attacking Ninja, before Smoothie and Kez jumped into the fray and killed him. The death gave TDK a chance to take their second turret, increasing their lead.

TSM put themselves on the board as Bjergsen managed to kill Seraph after Ninja bobbed and weaved through TSM's attacks. TDK then tried to invade TSM's jungle and lost Smoothie and Emperor. But they managed to get the second dragon in response, holding on to what quickly became a slight advantage.

It didn't deter TDK, though. They kept up their push on the top lane, taking their third turret of the game. A team fight quickly broke out, but ended almost as soon as it began. TDK lost Ninja to Bjergsen, retreated, and handed the lead over to TSM.

Another team fight kicked off, which started with even more fancy footwork from Ninja, as he lived up to his name and slipped through Santorin's killing blows. Emperor got a double kill on Lustboy and Santorin in response, and took their third dragon.

But TSM turned things around quickly. Emperor started a fight TDK couldn't win that cost them Smoothie, and let TSM go for the Baron. TDK kept them from killing him, but at thirty minutes, TSM was leading in kills and gold, and Bjergsen was finally strong enough to toss out huge-damage Ezreal ults.

TDK decided to camp out by the Baron though, and did massive damage to Dyrus before Lustboy pulled him away just before they could get the killing blow. TSM engaged the fifth dragon of the game, but TDK stole it, putting them one away from Aspect of the Dragon.

TSM took the opportunity to rush the Baron. TSM challenged, but weren't fast enough to stop Santorin. He secured the buff and gave his team the advantage they needed to keep the pressure up on TDK.

TSM went right for TDK's base with a split push that got them two turrets. They kept on pushing with Bjergsen's ult and whittled down TDK's defenses before they disengaged. Dyrus hopped back in soon after and led his team to take down Emperor and Smoothie before they denied TDK their fifth dragon.

TSM killed their second Baron and decided to make their final push on TDK. They rushed the red base and destroyed their first inhibitor before hopping right out. They didn't stay out for long, as TSM jumped back in for their second inhibitor.

They disengaged one more time before coming in from the top lane to try to take the final inhibitor. TDK pushed back hard though and took out Bjergsen. They ran as fast as they could to grab Aspect of the Dragon, but it wasn't fast enough.

Bjergsen respawned just in time to throw out another Trueshot Barrage, and denied TDK dragon. One last team fight led to three deaths for TDK. Kez and Emperor were the only members of TDK left to defend their base, but they couldn't stop TSM from rampaging through their base and taking the nexus.

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