Team Liquid survives the return of Hai to bring down Cloud9

by Daniel Rosen Jul 4 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Hai's emergency return from retirement wasn't enough to help Cloud9 survive Team Liquid after failing to keep up momentum from a strong start.

Cloud9 began the game on their back foot, as they lost two bans off the bat due to their emergency substitution. Team Liquid, on the other hand, started strong and pushed back C9's bot lane enough to let them kill the first dragon of the game.

A team fight quickly kicked off with Quas nabbing First Blood on Balls. But Cloud9 pushed back; LemonNation took down Xpecial and forced Team Liquid to retreat. Cloud9 didn't let them disengage and trapped them under a turret, took down every member of Team Liquid and only lost LemonNation.

Balls and Incarnati0n ganged up on Quas in the top lane, killed him and managed to take out an inhibitor turret at just over twenty minutes into the game. Team Liquid responded by taking their second dragon and sent Piglet up top to take care of Balls and Incarnati0n with a solo Double Kill.

The teams kept trading objectives, but Cloud 9 was looking significantly stronger at the thirty-minute mark. The early victories gave C9 a significant gold, turret and kills lead, and Hai had yet to die once.

Cloud9 decided to press their advantage and challenged Baron. They peeled off when Team Liquid came in, but lost Balls and LemonNation during their retreat. Meanwhile, Incarnati0n went into the undefended red base and traded that Baron for one of Team Liquid's inhibitors.

Team Liquid took advantage of their Baron buff and pushed deep into the mid lane. Incarnati0n killed Xpecial, and FeniX answered back with a triple kill on Balls, Sneaky and LemonNation. Team Liquid took their first inhibitor from Cloud9, and evened out the game.

Team Liquid kept up the push by slamming headfirst into Cloud9 in the bottom lane. They killed Balls, Incarnati0n and LemonNation, and took a turret and another inhibitor before retreating. Cloud9 attempted to chase them down, but Team Liquid was still healthy enough to kill Hai.

Team Liquid went for the second Baron when Cloud9 tried desperately to deny them. Piglet got a Triple Kill on Balls, Incarnati0n and Sneaky, before Team Liquid returned to secure the Baron buff.

That was all Team Liquid needed to dive back into the blue base one last time. They shredded through every member of Cloud9 before taking down the rest of the turrets and then the nexus.

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