Team Dignitas demolishes Team 8 with a dominant performance

by Daniel Rosen Jul 4 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Team Dignitas defeated Team 8 and tied for second in the NA LCS standings after trampling Team 8, ending the game 16-2 in kills.

The game started proper with Porpoise8 and CaliTrlolz8 hunting down Gamsu, and forced him to use up his Flash early to survive.

First blood went to Nien8, who killed KiWiKid at the five minute mark, which left CoreJJ alone to deal with Nien8 and Dodo8 in the bottom lane. Dignitas answered by trapping CaliTrlolz8 between Helios and Gamsu and killed him to tie the game back up.

Dignitas kick-started their momentum by killing CaliTrlolz again, then Dodo8, and pushed to get blue buff. But Dodo8 respawned just in time, and stole the buff away from Dignitas.

Not to be deterred, Dignitas took out Dodo8 again, a turret, and the first dragon of the game soon after. Dignitas engaged Team 8 in the mid lane, and scared Nien8 and Dodo8 away long enough to get their second turret.

Team 8 took some control of the game by killing their first dragon, but Dignitas was still ahead in turrets and kills. Dignitas ran up the mid lane, and took out Dodo8 and Porpoise8 along with a red turret as a response, pushing Team 8 back even further.

But Dignitas kept the game slow. They avoided direct confrontation with Team 8. Instead, they sent Helios to solo their second dragon and prepared for Baron. After a few minutes of jostling for position, they jumped on Team 8 in the mid lane, where Shiphtur took out Dodo8, and CoreJJ killed CaliTrlolz.

Dignitas went for the Baron, and used the buff to push right into Team 8's base. In a 4v5 team fight, Dignitas killed Poropise8 and Dodo8 before they took out the top lane inhibitor. They pulled back to take their third dragon while Team 8 put themselves back together.

Thirty-five minutes in, Dignitas was 12-2 in kills, 6-2 in turrets, and 9,000 gold ahead. Once again, they burst into Team 8's base and killed every member of Team 8 other than Porpoise8 before they took down the inhibitor turrets and the nexus.

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