Enemy eSports gives Innox a birthday win over Team Dragon Knights

by Daniel Rosen Jul 5 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

To celebrate Innox's birthday, Enemy eSports beat Team Dragon Knights, after playing a grueling, bloodbath of a game that ended 25-16 in kills.

Team Dragon Knights got the game started by ganging up on Otter. Emperor took First Blood, assisted by Smoothie and Kez. But Enemy eSports replied in turn, trapping Smoothie between Otter, Trashy and Bodydrop for their first kill.

Ninja then made a quick Flash in to a turret, killed Innox in the mid lane, and showed that TDK was ready for the bloodbath the game was about to become. TDK chased Enemy eSports away from the first dragon, but they ran right back up. Trashy killed Smoothie to deny the dragon and Enemy eSports took it for themselves.

The back and forth kills continued as Trashy took down Seraph, before Ninja replied by killing Innox. The kills gave each team their first turret, and tied the the teams up in gold. TDK decided to push the bottom lane deeper and sent four members to kill Otter before Enemy eSports countered by chasing them down. Innox got a double kill on Seraph and Emperor to even it out yet again.

Another team fight broke out almost immediately, which went heavily in TDK's favor. Ninja killed Bodydrop and Seraph took down Flaresz, giving TDK the opening they needed to take the second dragon of the game.

The bloodbath didn't stop there. An aggressive push by Ninja in the top lane kicked off yet another team fight that ended in a two-for-four trade in favor of Enemy eSports. Just moments later, they chased TDK down the mid lane and killed Emperor and Smoothie.

Enemy eSports saw it as an opening to challenge Baron, but Ninja jumped in just in time to steal it and halt Enemy eSports momentum. Enemy still brought down another turret, but the buff put TDK back in the game.

TDK took their fifth turret before Ninja dove deep in the mid lane, but was killed for his trouble. Enemy eSports took the opening and destroyed the first inhibitor turret of the game.

Their momentum didn't last too long though. Enemy eSports kicked off a five vs four team fight in the top lane that ended with Trashy, Innox, Otter and Bodydrop dead. TDK pressed the advantage and took their third dragon along with another turret.

Flaresz snuck into the red base and took an inhibitor while his team kept TDK busy in a team fight. Enemy eSports went for the Baron, but TDK denied, trading Smoothie for Trashy and Bodydrop. They ended the fight low on health and were forced to retreat back to base.

But Enemy eSports chased them down. Ninja killed Innox, but TDK couldn't keep up the defense. Seraph, Ninja and Smoothie fell quickly and Enemy eSports ran back down to take the second Baron.

One last push into the red base was all Enemy eSports needed to win. They broke through the top lane turret, secured the ace and took the game.

Daniel Rosen is a writer for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.