Team Impulse turns the tides and brings down Counter Logic Gaming

by Daniel Rosen Jul 5 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Counter Logic Gaming started their match against Team Impulse with plenty of kills and racked up a significant gold lead, but it wasn't enough to stop their opponents from coming from behind.

Counter Logic Gaming got off to an early start as Doublelift and Aphromoo killed Impact and Rush in the top lane. Rush came back for another round and died yet again to Doublelift's Jinx, which gave Counter Logic Gaming their second turret and a 3-0 kill lead.

Rush's Nidalee finally got himself on the board by chasing down ZionSpartan, who was already weakened when he tried to kill Impact's Rumble down in the top lane. CLG didn't let the pressure stop though, and pinned Adrian between Xmithie and Doublelift, giving Doublelift his third kill of the game at ten minutes.

CLG made a push for a mid lane turret soon after. ZionSpartan's Rumble secured a kill on XiaoWeiXiao's Ezreal, which gave CLG an opening to take their third turret of the game.

CLG kept on pushing and took their second dragon, then another turret. Both teams invaded each other's bases, where CLG destroyed one of Impulse's inhibitors, but Impulse only took a turret before retreating. Xmithie killed Rush, then led CLG to take the blue buff, which was quickly stolen by XiaoWeiXiao from inside the base with his Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage.

Impulse denied Baron from CLG, but couldn't take it for themselves before they were chased away. Instead, CLG went for their third dragon before before returning to challenge Baron.

Rush's spear pressure with Nidalee forced them away yet again, but it was Doublelift who posed the real threat. Despite Impact dropping his shield, Doublelift's Jinx got a kill on Rush and Adrian while dodging Impulse's offense. He almost made it out of the fight alive before getting killed by XiaoWeiXiao.

CLG went deep into Impulse's base and took an inhibitor and their bottom lane turret. They gave up Baron for it though, which led to Aphromoo dying during their retreat.

Thirty minutes in, CLG led 11-5 in kills and 7-5 in turrets, but gold was dead even, and Impulse's Baron buff was keeping CLG down. XiaoWeiXiao poked CLG with his ult yet again, and knocked down their health enough for Impulse to secure their first dragon, then kill ZionSpartan, Xmithie, Doublelift and Aphromoo. During the fight, Impulse lost their nexus turrets to minions invading their base.

But it didn't deter them. Impulse dropped Xmithie, which gave them the opening to take Baron and dive into CLG's base. Coming back from behind, they brought down the nexus turrets before XiaoWeiXiao killed Aphromoo and Doublelift, Apollo killed Xmithie, and Impact took the game.

Daniel Rosen is a writer for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.