Gravity dominates Team SoloMid in a one-sided, forty minute game

by Daniel Rosen Jul 5 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Team SoloMid came into their match against Gravity as the first place team in the standings, but it was Gravity that triumphed, giving them a tie for first and making TSM look weak in the process.

First Blood was shed by Lustboy, who took advantage of a gank by Santorin to kill Altec. But Move's Nidalee responded immediately, popping a Flash to chase down and kill Dyrus before he could make it back to the safety of his turret.

The game slowed down after Gravity took the first dragon of the game, with both teams focused on farming and looking for an opening. Gravity found theirs when Keane popped his Jarvin ult to hit WildTurtle. But he survived, retreated, and let Bjergsen kill Move, punishing Gravity for playing aggressively.

Gravity didn't let the death slow their pressure though. Bunny FuFuu put himself on the board with Shen and killed WildTurtle; this happened right as Lustboy exposed himself and got demolished by Keane and Move before they took another blue turret.

Gravity's lead snowballed yet again when they went for their third dragon. TSM went for the intercept, but Hauntzer's Maokai chased them away while Move's Nidalee secured the dragon.

27 minutes in, Gravity was up 2-3 in kills, 5-1 in turrets, and 9k up in gold. As they looked for an opening to secure Baron, Gravity kicked off a team fight. Keane popped Jarvan's Cataclysm again to take out Bjergsen, before Hauntzer killed Lustboy. Gravity then rolled on to slay the first Baron of the game.

Move, Altec, Hauntzer and Keane moved on and took Gravity's fourth dragon completely unchallenged before stalling TSM out. Confident in their team composition, they waited it out until they baited out a team fight. Gravity took their second Baron, while TSM waited for dragon number five.

Hauntzer and Altec went for the dragon, but it was Move who took it down. Gravity chased TSM all the way back to their base, but didn't manage to get any kills in on the way.

Inside the base though, WildTurtle's Corki took down Keane, but TSM soon lost WildTurtle and two inhibitors before Gravity retreated. When they jumped back into the base, Altec finally found his first kill of the game with Sivir at thirty-nine minutes by taking down WildTurtle.

Meanwhile, Hauntzer's tank-y Maokai kept up the push, demolished the last inhibitor turret and shrugged all of TSM's attacks before Gravity took the nexus and the game.

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