Team Liquid rips through Team Dignitas, shut them out in towers

by Daniel Rosen Jul 5 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Team Liquid brought down Team Dignitas in a commanding fashion after a fast, sub-30 minute game that saw Dignitas failing to even take a single turret.

The game started off hectic, as all of Team Liquid pressured the top lane, chasing KiWiKiD away. He didn't stay back for long though, and came out swinging to kill Xpecial for First Blood 5 minutes into the game.

Dignitas tried to play aggressively in the bottom lane, but Helios' engage on Piglet turned right back around on him, as Piglet secured a double kill on him and KiWiKiD.

Team Liquid moved on to slay their second dragon before they took another outer turret. They kicked off their first big team fight of the game in the mid lane, where Piglet's Sivir took out Helios and CoreJJ, while Fenix's Twisted Fate killed KiWiKid. The team then moved on to take their third dragon.

With all three outer turrets down, Team Liquid boxed Dignitas in to their turret back line, and owned the map. TL engaged the Baron, but Xpecial got hit by Shiptur's Ezreal ult and was forced away.

Team Liquid kicked off another big team fight right underneath Dignitas' turret. Piglet brought down KiWiKiD and Gamsu, right as Shiphtur secured the double kill on CoreJJ and Shiphtur.

Those four kills were all the opening the team needed, as they ran into Dignitas' base, broke down their nexus, and took the game.

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