Team 8 defeats Cloud9, knocks them into ninth place

by Daniel Rosen Jul 5 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Both Team 8 and Cloud9 came into their Sunday game tied for eighth, but it was Team 8 that made the climb knocking Cloud9 down to the second-to-last spot in the standings.

Cloud9 started the game quickly, killing the first dragon at the 4-minute mark. Team 8, on the other hand, focused on kills instead, taking First Blood when Nien killed Balls with an assist from Dodo8 and Porpoise8.

Cloud9 put themselves on the board when Balls killed Dodo8 in the top lane, but he fell immediately when he got sniped from the mid lane by goldenglue's Trueshot Barrage.

With the second dragon up, Cloud9 couldn't find the map control they needed to keep Team 8 from taking it. 16 minutes in, Team 8 was up 5-2 in kills, and 2-1 in turrets, but gold and dragons were even, and both teams searched for a foothold.

Cloud9 found the engage they were looking for when LemonNation's Alistair dove in on Team 8 pushing on a mid lane turret. Goldenglue's Ezreal killed LemonNation while Balls took out Dodo8 with his Equalizer. Incarnati0n killed Porpoise8 before Calitrlolz8's Shen came in with his Stand United to keep the rest of his team alive.

With the kill count in their favor, Cloud9 also took the lead in gold and towers and put the pressure on Team 8. Cloud 9 killed their second dragon, the fourth of the game, and moved back into the jungle to clean up Baron pit before he arrived.

Things slowed down though, as both teams spent their time placing wards as they looked for a way to turn the tides. Team 8 found the engage this time, and kicked off a one-sided team fight.

Dodo8's Thresh killed Hai, Nien8's Graves got a double kill on Balls and LemonNation, while Goldenglue's Ezreal took care of Sneaky. Incarnati0n made an attempt to deny Baron, but once Team 8 secured the buff, they made quick work of his Shen.

Team 8 marched on and took two more turrets, before invading the red base where they took the first inhibitor of the game. Incarnati0n slipped into Team 8's base himself and started attacking their inhibitor turret, but was forced to retreat when his team lost their own.

Team 8 pushed into Cloud9's base again, and took down their second inhibitor before they dealt with Cloud9. Balls and Incarnati0n died protecting their last inhibitor. Nien's Graves ripped through the Nexus turrets while his team methodically killed the rest of Cloud9 before they won the game.

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