Unicorns of Love send the Copenhagen Wolves running in dominant fashion

by theScore Staff Jul 9 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Power of Evil's AP Kog'Maw terrorized the Copenhagen Wolves early, but ultimately it was the Unicorn's superiors team fighting that won the day as they crushed the Nexus for their sixth victory of the split.

The game got off to an early start with a gank in the bottom lane - capitalizing off of Hylissang's setup, Kikis was able to snag an quick First Blood onto Freeze.

Striking back a few minutes later, an aggressive five-man dive onto Vardags and Hylissang netted the Wolves a pair of kills and their first tower of the game. However, off the ensuing recalls the Unicorns were able to sneak away the Dragon.

Giving the Wolves a taste of their own medicine, the Unicorns pulled off a tower dive of their own, with the Alistar-Shen combo proving too much hard engage for the Wolves to deal with. When the dust settled the Unicorns walked away with two kills for none as well as the mid-lane tower.

An aggressive push top by the Wolves was ill-advised as the Unicorn's wrapped around them, picking off a few additional kills on the retreating members.

A few minutes later, what looked like Kikis being caught was quickly turned around by Shen's Stand United, once again scoring the Unicorn's a pair of kills as well as a free push to destroy the top Tier 2.

An aggressive flash by Je suis Kaas earned the Wolves a free kill onto Kikis, but the resulting skirmish left the Soren and Freeze's health bars blinking red, which means in the face of the Unicorn's poke the Wolves were forced to concede another Tier Two Tower mid.

With a massive tower lead, kill and the gold lead firmly in hand, the Unicorns were able to use their superior poke thanks to Corki and AP Kog'Maw to continue to secure objectives, taking their third straight Dragon.

An explosive fight around Baron looked at first to be in the Wolves' favor as Soren and Freeze were able to find a great position to deal damage with Lulu's support, but the Unicorns were able to pull out the fight with four members on critically low hp thanks to excellent kiting, poke and CC, eventually coming out ahead trading one for four and the Baron.

With the buff under their belts the Unicorns were able to slow push the Wolves' base, taking all three Inhibitors before polishing of their dominating win with a final double kill for Kikis.