Elements outlast ROCCAT in critical battle for 7th

by theScore Staff Jul 9 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

It was a 40 minute game of chicken, but eventually Elements came out on top thanks to numerous successful Baron fights and a couple of poor decisions by ROCCAT.

The game started out with early action — taking advantage of Evelynn's high damage and the ROCCAT duo-lane's aggression, Elements secured an easy First Blood onto VandeR.

Dexter continued to abuse Evelyn's strengths, teaming up with Froggen's global presence to camp Steve top. With Jwaow's Nautilus crowd control, Elements was able to further their lead with quick back-to-back kills.

With Jankos caught out moving too aggressively through Element's jungle, Froggen, Nyph and dexter pounced on the opportunity, earning a quick kill. But Elements failed to take into consideration ROCCAT's duo lane — VandeR's two-man Tibbers allowed MrRalleZ to dish out crippling damage and with NukeDuck. Steve arriving to the fight ROCCAT cleaned up the a few members of Elements to turn the fight around and walk away with a three-for-one exchange.

Despite ROCCAT's gold lead, Elements was able to snag the first two dragon's of the game. However, ROCCAT pushed their advantage up the mid lane and Vander did not hesitate to Flash-Tibbers onto Nyph's head to snag a quick kill as well as both the Tier Two top and mid lane.

Other than towers being traded across the map, the mid-game was reasonably quiet with both teams unwilling to commit to a serious fight. Other than dexter stealing away a dragon and taking a Thresh express to safety, there was no major moved made by both teams.

But eventually something had to give, and with Froggen split-pushing bottom lane ROCCAT tried to force Baron. A quick reaction by the rest of Elements and a teleport in by Froggen caused a fight to break out.

While it started out well for ROCCAT with Nyph eating another Tibbers stun and hitting the deck immediately, the narrow corridor allowed Jwaow to Flash in behind ROCCAT and land a massive five man knock-up from Depth Charge; this swung the fight around as Tabzz and Froggen cleaned up the reeling members of ROCCAT.

With the Baron as their reward, Elements continued to gain map control, but were unable to take any significant advantage off of the buff.

After a few minutes of patient play, a Homeguard-Teleport from Steve caused dexter to be caught way out of position, and with the Elements jungler down ROCCAT once again forced the Baron, this time securing it despite Elements picking up a kill on Steve in the scuffle.

With the buff on their side, ROCCAT cracked the base, taking a free Inhibitor in the mid lane as Froggen and co. could only watch.

With Baron set to respawn, it looked like the dance around the objective would decide the outcome of the game. With ROCCAT indecisive around Baron, Elements got the initiation they had been looking for all game. dexter was able to flank around from the side, landing a five man Agony's Embrace and setting up the rest of his team to storm into the fight. Tabzz lead the charge and picked up Triple Kill, while Froggen cleaned up a fourth member of ROCCAT to secure the victory.

Showing no hesitation, Elements smashed straight down the mid lane and destroyed the Nexus, picking up the victory.

Nicholas Doucet is a writer for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.