Origen obliterates Giants Gaming in decisive win

by Daniel Rosen Jul 9 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twith

Origen and Giants Gaming repeated their week one matchup, with Origen trampling all over Giants, taking their tenth win this split and giving xPeke his 600th LCS kill.

Giants started the game aggressively, as Fr3deric jumped on top of xPeke in the mid lane. He miscalculated, and was forced back when Amazing came to his teammates' aid. Giants secured First Blood later, when Adryh killed Mithy, and used the opening to take the first dragon of the game.

Fr3deric's early gank failure didn't deter him though, as he hid next to a pink ward next to the mid lane. His attempted sneak attack led to his death when Soaz killed him, then Werlyb to secure the Double Kill.

Giants responded by killing Amazing, then sending everyone to the bottom lane with uncoordinated teleports to take out Niels and Mithy. Soaz came to their aid, and took out Adryh, Werlyb, and PePiiNeRo before they moved on to their third tower.

Giants secured their second dragon in the meantime, but quickly lost another tower in the top lane, and Werlyb yet again for their trouble.

At twenty minutes, Giants were only left with one inner turret in the mid lane. Origen took their first dragon uncontested aside from Werlyb's Equalizer, with xPeke getting the double kill after killing both Rumble and Adryh's Tristana. Niels killed Fr3deric, while PePiiNeRo and G0DFRED ran away.

After they killed Baron, Origen moved on to massacre Giants. Niels killed Werlyb and Aryfh, While xPeke's Diana killed Fr3deric's Gragas for his 600th LCS kill before all of Origen ganged up on PePiiNeRo's Yasuo to take him out as well.

The momentum was enough to carry Origen all the way into the red base, trampling over Giants' turrets, killing their whole team, and taking their 10th win this split.

Daniel Rosen is a writer for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.