Fnatic comes back against H2k, extend win streak to 13

by Daniel Rosen Jul 9 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Fnatic kept their win streak alive, taking down H2k-Gaming for their thirteenth straight win this split, after spending half of the game playing from behind.

H2k got off to an explosive start, as they responded to an early invade from Fnatic by killing Reignover for first blood. Then then chased down Yellowstar for their second free kill before the three minute-mark.

Fnatic responded by pinning Odoamne in the top lane between Huni and Reignover, but kaSing came to the rescue with Stand United to keep Odoamne alive just long enough to kill Reignover, then hunt down KaSing for H2k's fourth kill.

H2k moved on to take the first dragon of the game, which gave them a 2k gold lead on top of their 4 kills and one tower to Fnatic's none of either. Fnatic answered by making a tower dive in the bottom lane, giving up their outer top lane turret to force H2k back.

After putting themselves on the board by killing loulex's Gragas, H2k made a dive on a top lane tower, but lost everything when Huni made a hail-mary Equalizer to push H2k away. Popping the ultimate opened him up for loulex to take him out, before his team also dealt with Reignover and Rekkles.

Twenty minutes in, H2k dominated Fnatic at every step as they led 8-1 in kills, 2-0 in dragons, and 4-2 in turrets. Fnatic didn't let playing from behind slow them down though. They found a fight above the Baron pit, where they shredded through Odomane, Ryu, Hjarnan and kaSing. The kills gave them a turret, and the time to set up for Baron.

H2k moved on to take their third dragon, while Fnatic looked to start off another fight. Odoamne popped Mega Gnar before the battle truly began, then went down to Febiven's Jayce. H2k retreated, and let Fnatic take Baron and another turret; this was all they needed to tie up the game.

Fnatic then let H2k take their fourth dragon completely unchallenged, but took Baron without much trouble. The ensuing team fight went poorly for H2k, as Rekkles' Corki took out Odoamne, Febiven took out loulex, Huni killed Ryu's Victor, and Yellowstar's Allistair set up a kill on kaSing for Reignover.

Fnatic rode their wave of kills into H2k's base, and demolished their turrets in no time. H2k made an attempt to defend, but Fnatic took the Nexus and maintained their unstoppable winstreak.

Daniel Rosen is a writer for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.