Gambit harness crushing combos to take down SK Gaming

by theScore Staff Jul 9 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Gambit's risky top lane Yasuo pick paid off in spades as Cabochard carried his team to victory on the back of a pair of combo-heavy team fights.

The early game started out quietly, with Gambit getting the better of the lane swap, quickly putting Cabochard into a comfortable position early on into the match.

Looking to capitalize on the squishy Yasuo who was pushed up all the way to the Tier 2 top, Svenskeren and fredy122 combined to bring Cabochard very low. But Diamondprox was sitting just around the corner and turned the gank on its head to secure first blood for Gambit, extending their lead.

Around 10 minutes into the match Gambit made the first move to cement their lead, as Diamond and Cabochard wrapped around behind SK's Tier 1 mid for a picture perfect Flash-Body Slam into Last Breath combo; this left two members of SK dead and the Tier 1 tower as easy pickings for Gambit.

With a gold lead and their Yasuo fed, Gambit continued to pressure the map. However, the game didn't truly break open until SK Gaming made an aggressive push on Gambit's outermost mid tower.

Prepping his Steel Tempest, Cabochard landed a max-range three-man knock up onto three of SK's members, which prompted yet another multi-man Last Breath to get the ace in favor of Gambit.

With their massive gold and tower advantage, Gambit forced Baron at 22 minutes, easily killing Svenskeren and taking the objective.

While SK defended their base, the Yasuo split-push and Baron minions were simply too much for them to handle as Gambit took the win in just under 30 minutes.

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