ROCCAT upsets H2K in thrilling finish

by theScore Staff Jul 10 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

It all came down to one sapling. With the Aspect of the Dragon looming for H2K, Jankos made the steal and ROCCAT won the fight to stun H2K, who had been in control of the map for almost the entire match.

Things got of to a hot early start as what looked to be a clean dive under the Tier 1 tower by H2K to kill MrRalleZ for First Blood quickly turned into a full 4v4 skirmish as Steve, Vander and Jankos showed up to the party.

Once the dust had settled it was a 2-for-1 in favor of ROCCAT, with 12 Summoner Spells blown across the board, but H2K still held onto a small lead thanks to a superior lane swap which rewarded them with a Dragon.

Using Sivir's superior early wave-clear, H2K were relentless in their pushes, grouping early and taking down the Tier 2 top before the 12 minute mark. However while the objectives were in H2K's favor, the skirmishes continued to go ROCCAT's way as they were able to punish H2K's greed and consistently catch out H2K members for easy kills.

Heading into the mid-game ROCCAT led in kills 7-3 and were nursing a small gold lead despite H2K leading in both towers and Dragons. But, H2K was able to leverage both their poke advantage with Jayce and push with Sivir to force ROCCAT back and knock down the rest of ROCCAT's outer towers.

With the Dragon counter mounting and the 4th one spawning ROCCAT were forced into taking a full team fight, but H2K managed to walk away with the prize and an even 1-for-1 in kills.

6 minutes later with Aspect of the Dragon as a deciding factor of the game, ROCCAT once again took the fight. This time Jankos ward-hopped over the wall and pulled off the steal, and with their main carries in safe positions ROCCAT were able to come out with a massive 4-for-4 fight thanks in no small part to one of Steve's sapling's which picked up a surprise Double Kill.

With their confidence restored and the fifth dragon denied, ROCCAT forced Baron. With NukeDuck dishing out massive damage and a poor Equalizer from of Odoamne, ROCCAT managed to smash H2K and claim victory.

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