Giants best Gambit in showdown for fourth

by theScore Staff Jul 10 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games / Riot Games

Despite greedy picks, Fr3derick got his team ahead early as Giants Gaming convincingly took down Gambit Gaming in a match with significant playoff implications.

The game got off to an interesting start when a very aggressive invade by Gambit quickly turned into a full on 5v5 standoff which lasted almost until the minions reached the lanes; with no kills for either side the lanes were quickly established with both teams taking standard matchups.

However, a poor decision by Gambit to swap FORG1VEN with no support into a lane against Werlyb cost them as Fr3derick was easily able to dive the tower and pick up a solo First Blood.

Pressing their lead, the Giants got another kill onto GoSu Pepper in exchange for Fr3derick, but also picked up the first dragon of the game. Across the map the dual AD carries of Giants were able to take down all of Gambit's outer towers to build a modest gold lead while Fr3derick continued to find kills for his team.

Heading into the mid-game, Gambit did a better job of grouping up, evening up the towers and picking up a few kills of their own to narrow the gold gap.

But an over-aggressive Baron call by Gambit blew game open as Giants used their long range-poke and the constant speed-boosts from Galio to chase down and wipe the fleeing Gambit players.

With the lead firmly in hand and Gambit once again attempting a risky Baron, Giants used their poke to force Gambit off the objective and take the buff for themselves.

The lack of wave-clear in Gambit's composition hurt them as the Baroned-up Giants slowly sieged down the mid lane inhibitor with no contention.

With a 10k gold lead in their pockets, Giants played it safe and waited for Gambit to make a misstep in pushing the mid-lane. A flanking Teleport by Werlyb meant that Gambit were caught between a Galio and a hard place, and in the resulting fight Adryh picked up a triple kill.

With Baron as their reward Giants regrouped and pushed down the bottom lane, smashing Gambit's base and taking home the win.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.