Unicorns of Love defeat Elements in Kikis' last game

by theScore Staff Jul 10 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

On the back of Power of Evil's AP Ezreal, the Unicorns were able to send Kikis off with a victory over the struggling Elements.

Repeating the strategy which worked against ROCCAT yesterday, dexter used Evelynn's early power and combined his damage with Nautilus' Crowd Control to pick up a trio of early kills onto Viziscasci and Kikis.

But his pressure top lane gave the Unicorns the space to gain small farm leads across the board and the first dragon for free, which meant that heading into the mid-game the match was just about even.

The first major team fight took place in the mid lane, as Elements caught the Unicorns pushing the Tier 1 with a Teleport from Froggen and a flank from dexter, resulting in a 2-for-1 exchange in favor of Elements.

Both teams continued to play aggressively, trading kills back and forth but with no significant advantaged gained one way or the other.

The first major shift in the game came around the Baron. After gaining vision control near the pit, the Unicorns found a pick onto Nyph. Forcing the objective with the power-play, the Unicorns peeled off the Baron when Elements came to contest, chasing them down and convincingly taking a 4-for-1 trade plus the Baron.

Despite the Unicorn's strong gold lead and the Baron Buff, Elements still managed to catch out Power of Evil in their jungle, finding a handful of kills and the Unicorns scrambled to save their mid laner.

However it was only a momentary victory, as the Unicrons regrouped, found dexter in his own jungle and used the AP Ezreal poke to siege Elements' base.

With no waveclear in their composition and a mounting gold lead in the Unicorns' favor, there was little Elements could do to stop the push. With one final fight in the bottom lane Elements caved and the Unicorns claimed their seventh victory of the split.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.