Fnatic wins 14th straight, break LCS record

by theScore Staff Jul 10 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

The LCS's featured game of the week lived up to it's name as Fnatic emerged triumphant in a thrilling back-and-forth match. Fnatic completed their second comeback of the week to break the LCS record with 14 consecutive victories.

Player (FNC) Champion Champion Player (OG)
Huni Lulu Ryze SoaZ
Reignover Nunu Gragas Amazing
Febiven Viktor Twisted Fate xPeke
Rekkles Kalista Corki Niels
YellOwStaR Janna Nautilus Mithy

Early on all the action was in the bottom lane as both duos traded aggressively. Looking to take advantage, both Amazing and ReignOver made their way down to gank, but a miscommunication between the Origen members left Mithy out to dry and earned First Blood for Fnatic.

With the objective control of both Kalista and Nunu, Fnaitc were easily able to secure the first dragon of the game. But while Fnatic was making moves towards the bottom of the map, Amazing and sOAZ were able to even the kill score with a catch onto Huni and bring the gold back to even.

With the double global presence of xPeke's Twisted Fate and sOAZ's Ryze, Origen continued to make plays, catching out Huni once again and a few moments later finding ReignOver overextended, bring the kill score 3-1 in their favor.

A little too confident with their minor lead, Origen made an aggressive dive onto Huni near the Tier 2 tower top lane. But with YellOwStaR in position to save him and the rest of Fnatic collapsing Origen's greed cost them as they only managed to pick up the support while losing three members, swinging the game back to even.

The mid-game started out quietly, with both teams content to farm up their carries. But with the dragon spawing both team converged for a fight. A misplay from Fnatic meant that ReignOver and Rekkles ended up caught in the dragon pit while the remaining members of Fnatic were split off, and an excellent Dredge Line from Mithy initiated the fight heavily in Origen's favor.

As a result Origen crushed the fight, taking a clean Ace and the Baron.

Using the Baron buff, Origen was able to move around the map and clean up the rest of Fnatic's outer tier towers and siege their mid lane Inhibitor. However while Origen took the objective, Fnatic won the fight, picking up a handful of kills as Origen tried to retreat.

Sensing the momentum shifting, Origen attempted a death bush play near dragon. Despite the fact that Fnatic fell into the trap, Febiven was completely untouched and turned the fight on it's head, picking up a Quadra Kill as Fnatic wiped Origen off the map.

With Fnatic deciding to take a Baron, xPeke split pushed down a second Inhibitor, preventing Fnatic from using their new buff to take too many of Origen's towers.

Despite their success in fight, Fnatic still only managed to hold onto a small 1k gold leads at 35 minutes.

Deciding to take dragon, Origen grouped up and Fnatic arrived to contest. With the Lulu speed and shield onto very fed carries, Fnatic ran down the scattered members of Origen, eventually picking up another Ace as well as some Tier 2 towers.

The final fight of the game came in the mid lane, where Fnatic were able to use the incredible speed offered by Lulu and Talisman of Ascension to split up and pick off a few members of Origen before they could organize solid battle lines.

While xPeke tried to draw Fnatic's attention away by sneaking into their base, they were not to be stopped as Origen's Nexus finally fell, putting the final stamp onto Fnatic's record setting 14th straight victory.

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