Liquid take down Team Dragon Knights in convincing fashion

by theScore Staff Jul 11 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Team Liquid didn't falter against the last-place Team Dragon Knight, winning their third straight match to open Week 7.

The game started with a very measured pace, with very little action and both teams happy to farm up their late-game carries.

True to his nature, Emperor was the most aggressive player on the map, and with the help of Smoothie's Ignite Team Dragon Knights picked up First Blood onto Xpecial in a straight-up 2v2. Team Liquid responded immediately with IWillDominate coming in to punish, taking down Emperor in revenge for his support.

Despite only one kill per side and First Blood in Team Dragon Knight's favor, Liquid still earned themselves a small gold lead purely from CS leads in every lane.

Although quiet in terms of kills, the extended laning phase was in Liquid's favor as they picked up all three of TDK's Tier 1 towers as well as the first dragon before 20 minutes. This was on top of their mounting farm leads across the board, putting themselves in the driver's seat.

With the dragon respawning both teams converged for a fight. Taking the initiative, TDK started up the dragon only to have Dominate steal it away at the last second. With the fight breaking out and all of TDK's attention focused on Piglet, FeniX was free to flank around the back of the fight and crush the back line. When the dust settled Liquid picked up the ace after sacrificing only Dominate.

Outmaneuvering TDK on the map with superior vision control, Liquid picked up a sneaky uncontested Baron. Using their massive gold lead as well as their fresh new buff, Liquid pushed down TDK's remaining outer towers. Following a clean Tier 2 dive, Liquid also took the top lane Inhibitor.

With their Baron buff expiring, Liquid turned their attention to the bottom lane Inhibitor. However a missed Body Slam from Dominate left him in a very poor position, and as Liquid scrambled to regroup Smoothie landed a massive 4-man knock-up onto all of Liquid's main carries. With the fight swinging in their favor thanks to their support, TDK took down four of Liquid's members while only losing kez.

Although Smoothie's huge play kept them in the game, TDK was still facing down a 10k gold lead.

A humbled Team Liquid returned to a slower tempo of play, but consistently had the Baron in their sights. With strong vision control they did eventually picked it the buff after a few minutes of dancing around the objective.

Catching Emperor out of position in the bottom lane Liquid successfully forced their way into TDK's base, taking all three inhibitors and two kills at no loss. After that it was a simply matter of cleaning up the Nexus as Liquid handed TDK their 12th loss in dominant fashion.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.