CLG snap losing streak, smash Enemy

by theScore Staff Jul 11 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games / Riot Games

Counter Logic Gaming turned their fortune around in dominant style, ending their four game losing streak with a near-perfect victory over Enemy.

With Counter Logic Gaming picking very strong laning champions, they quickly gained farm leads across the map very early in the game. Doublelift and Aphromoo in particular exerted a lot of pressure, whittling down the tower with Tristana's Explosive Charge.

Despite all this, Enemy still claimed the first dragon after a successful gank by Trashy sent Pobelter back to base with very low health.

A misplay by Flarez allowed ZionSpartan to hit an easy Chum the Waters under tower, and with his Ignite the CLG top laner netted himself an easy First Blood. With his advantage Zion abused Flarez, picking up three kills and growing his lead.

Trying to stop the bleeding, NME initiated an aggressive 3v3 fight onto Doublelift in the top lane, only to have Zion Teleport in and turn the skirmish around as CLG cleaned up two kills for free.

From there things snowballed quickly. Rotating around the map, Doublelift used Tristana's turret-killing power to full effect as CLG gained a healthy 7k gold lead at 20 minutes. With the fed Zion and Xmithie flanking around the sides, CLG continued to find kills while NME was unable to scrounge together any advantage.

With complete map control and the threat of Zion, CLG confidently took a Baron at 22 minutes. With Fizz split-pushing in one lane and the rest of CLG rallying around Doublelift in the other, there was nothing NME could do to prevent CLG from constantly diving towers and picking up whatever objective they chose. Doublelift was the only CLG member to take a spill, gifting Trashy the kill by Rocket Jumping into the base of NME.

With the game quickly getting away from them NME did their best to defend what little of their base remained, but CLG gave them no mercy as the dives continued and the Nexus was brought down in a quick and clear half an hour.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.