Gravity win fifth straight, defeat struggling Cloud9

by theScore Staff Jul 11 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Gravity held on to 1st place with their 10th win of the season, dispatching a Cloud9 in free-fall to the bottom of the standings.

Things got off to a rough start for Cloud9, as a smart tactical decision by Move and Hauntzer resulted in the Gravity jungler stealing away the Gromp that Sneaky and LemonNation were just about to finish, putting the Cloud9 duo behind immediately.

Continuing his jungle domination, Move caught out Hai between the lanes twice, the first time blowing his Flash and the second finding a solo-kill First Blood onto the C9 shotcaller. Opting for the Runeglaive, Move quickly asserted his dominance, laying plenty of vision down for his team, controlling the river and easily cleaning up the first dragon of the game.

Despite Move's impressive early game, the lanes were for the most part even with Hai and Incarnati0n finding a successful gank onto Keane to even the kill score.

The first major fight of the match took place in the mid-lane as both junglers ganked simultaneously. What started out as a 2v2 quickly turned into a full blown teamfight as with the numbers in Gravity's favor thanks to Teleport and BunnyFuFuu's Stand United. At the end of the fight Gravity walked away with two kills for none and solid control of the early game.

With their modest lead Gravity began to strangle out Cloud9, constantly stealing away their buffs, taking towers and moving in packs around the map to find kills and force Summoner Spells.

Gravity was a little overconfident in their strength, dropping a few easy kills. Later on, Keane forced a poor team fight in the river, where once again what looked to be a small skirmish rapidly transitioned into a 5v4 thanks to the multiple global abilities on both sides. With Hauntzer unable to make it to the fight in time and Sneaky flanking around the back of Gravity, Cloud9 managed to come out with a four-for-two exchange which swung the game back to even.

For a few minutes both teams played it slow, sizing each other up. Cloud9 managed to gain vision control around the Baron pit and set up a death-bush trap which Gravity walked straight into. But a poor Equalizer by Balls and excellent peel by Bunny and Hauntzer quickly turned the trap on its head, and Gravity walked away from the fight with the Ace and the Baron buff as a reward.

With their lead recovered and the buff under their belts, Gravity moved around the map and took down Cloud9's remaining outer towers, increasing their advantage to 9k gold.

Eyes set on the second spawn of Baron, Gravity gained vision dominance around the pit and baited Cloud9 into a fight. Although it started out even, the extended skirmish ultimately went the way of Gravity as well as the objective.

With very little wave-clear and Baron minions knocking on their door, Cloud9 couldn't keep Gravity out of the base. With one final push the match was over, and Gravity secured their spot at the top of the table (at least, until TSM's match later today) while Cloud9 was left searching for answers.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.