Team 8 upset Team Solo Mid with flawless objective control

by theScore Staff Jul 11 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Although the gold was close almost all game, Team 8's dragon and Baron control was simply too much for Team SoloMid as the defending champions fall a game back of first place.

Opting to lane-swap multiple times to avoid the head-to-head matchups, Team SoloMid put themselves at an early disadvantage as Team 8 used their vision control on the bottom side of the map to take the first dragon as well as catch out Santorin. With Dodo8 landing a hook over the wall, the TSM jungler gave up First Blood to the Team 8 invade.

Not afraid of Team 8 despite the deficit, TSM continued to play aggressively, diving CaliTrolz8 under his Tier 1 tower to even the kill score and bring the game back to within a few hundred gold.

After the early plays, both teams settled into a more passive mid-game where neither side committed to a serious engagement until the third spawn of dragon. With Team 8 on the objective, TSM took the fight but came out on the losing side with Team 8 securing the dragon and Santorin taking a spill as CaliTrolz8 and Porpoise squeaked out with next to no health.

Whenever Team 8 tried to make a play on an objective, Bjergsen's AP Ezreal poke would stop them in their tracks, and as a result the game slowed down once again until the fourth spawn of the dragon.

With the vision control in Team 8's favor, Dyrus face-checked straight into a Dodo8 Death Sentence. In the resulting fight, Team 8 barely managed to come out ahead with three kills and their carries blinking red, but the dragon was theirs.

Not resting on their laurels, Team 8 continued their dominance of neutral objectives by sneaking a Baron with Nien's Kalista.

Despite their strong map and objective control throughout the game, Team 8 still only led by a minor 3k gold lead at that point.

Using their new buff, Team 8 grouped bottom and used their buff to full effect, taking the Tier 2 tower and once again barely managing to win the fight as TSM tried their best to dive Nien in the back line.

With the threat of Aspect of the Dragon looming, TSM headed to contest the objective. But Dyrus got ahead of his team, Teleporting straight into the arms of Team 8 which allowed them to walk away with the fifth dragon buff.

Thanks to the Kalista advantage on their side Team 8 was able to take the Baron while TSM could only watch. Heading to the top lane, Team 8 slowly sieged down the Inhibitor, taking a significant gold lead for the first time all game.

A few minutes later, with Aspect of the Dragon once again on the table for Team 8, and TSM was forced to fight. Although Bjergsen and WildTurtle dealt some strong damage, Team 8's lead was too significant and a pair of great hooks from Dodo8 sealed the deal. Team 8 stormed down the mid-lane and completed the upset.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.