Team Impulse take care of Dignitas, enters tie for fourth

by theScore Staff Jul 11 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

In an important match with playoff implications, Rush led the charge as Team Impulse out-fought Dignitas in a bruising showdown.

The game got off to a quick start as Team Impulse was pinched doing an aggressive invade into Team Dignitas' jungle. While it did not cost them any lives the close call did leave Apollo without any Summoner Spells.

Only a few moments later, KiWiKiD and Helios found Adrian all by himself on a warding mission and quickly claimed his life for First Blood to Dignitas. However the kill cost Helios his Flash, and just a couple minutes later Rush caught him; without his escape Helios fell in duel.

Although the laning phase was mostly even, the tipping point came when KiWiKiD failed to take TiP's globals abilities into account. Initiating onto Apollo and Adrian, Dignitas' 3v2 was instantly turned into a 5v3, which resulted in two kills and the Tier 1 tower for TiP.

With that skirmish, the dam was broken and both teams began fighting at every opportunity. While Dignitas did find a few favorable exchanges, for the most part TiP's global presence and chain crowd control proved to be too much as they picked up kill after kill.

Finding Helios greedily trying to steal a Red Buff, both TiP and Dignitas collapsed for a full 5v5 team fight which ended with Rush picking up a Triple Kill and TiP walking away with the Ace. They also picked up the dragon as a result.

Gold lead firmly in hand and an incredibly fed Rush leading the charge, TiP began to take control of the map, taking a 4 to 0 tower lead and invading fearlessly into Dignitas' jungle.

Despite the deficit Dignitas showed some signs of life, picking up TiP's Tier 1 tower mid and their first dragon while using CoreJJ and Shiphtur's poke to prevent TiP from expanding their lead.

But when Dignitas tried to find a solid engage in the mid lane, TiP once again managed to come out on top with Impact and Adrian slipping away with blinking red health while three of Dignitas' members fell.

With a 12k gold lead in hand at the 28 minute mark, TiP could force whatever objective or fight they wanted. This eventually lead to a two-for-none exchange in the mid lane which resulted in the Baron for TiP.

In typical TiP style they continued to brawl until the end, finally knocking off Dignitas with one final team fight and a 24-9 kill score.

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