Gravity smash Enemy to secure playoff position.

by theScore Staff Jul 12 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Even when forced to play a completely different team composition, 1st place Gravity did not falter as they locked in their playoff spot with their 11th win of the season over Enemy.

A very clever play by Move earned Gravity the First Blood: sitting hidden in the Baron pit, Move was able to sneak by all of Enemy's vision and wrap around behind otter and Bodydrop. Even with Flaresz Teleporting in to assist, NME was unable to defend their carry as otter fell to the gank.

With the first tower, First Blood and first dragon under their belts, Gravity was sitting pretty with a modest 2k gold lead at the 10 minute mark. Even though NME found a reply kill onto Move, Gravity made the NME jungle their own, stealing buffs and littering the map with wards.

With Gravity holding complete map and vision control there was very little space for the carries of NME to farm safely, resulting in significant cs leads for both Keane and Altec. Folding under the pressure of the Azir and Tristana push, NME could do nothing to stop Gravity from cleaning up the remaining Tier 1 towers and the second dragon.

Heading into the mid-game Gravity was in firm control as NME cautiously scraped together what money they could. However their safe play cost NME and they fell further and further behind as more towers and dragon fell in Gravity's favor.

A few minutes later with NME sniffing around the fourth spawn of dragon and Gravity in position to contest, the first major team fight of the game was inevitable. After an extended dance around the objective, Gravity took the initiation with Move and Hauntzer diving the back line together. While the fight was chaotic, Gravity's gold lead was simply too much for NME to handle and Keane picked up a Triple Kill to finalize a 4-for-1 exchange for Gravity.

With the gold lead topping over 12k but still not taking any risks, Gravity played it slow until the fifth dragon came up with. Unwilling to give up Aspect of the Dragon to a team already so far ahead, NME dove into the fight. In a big play, Flaresz managed to steal away the objective at the cost of his life.

With the NME top laner down and the rest of the team sent running, Gravity finally decided to take Baron. With the buff on their side one final push sealed the deal as Gravity won their fifth straight match and secured their playoff position.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.