Cloud9 beat Team Dignitas, end four game losing streak

by theScore Staff Jul 12 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Picking up their first win with Hai back on the roster, Cloud9 smashed Team Dignitas, putting them four games ahead of Team Dragon Knights to avoid last place.

Moving as a pack early on into the match, Team Dignitas invaded and stole away Hai's Red Buff at the cost of Helios and KiWiKiD's Flashes. But the move would cost Dig, because without his Summoner Spell KiWiKiD was unable to stop Sneaky from freezing the bottom lane wave, earning a massive cs lead over CoreJJ.

Despite Dig's highly aggressive play and Helios' repeated ganks bottom lane and mid lane, it was Cloud9's patient play which eventually paid off. What started as a Dignitas gank quickly transitioned into an extended 4v4 in the mid lane which went Cloud9's way, resulting in a 3-for-0 fight plus the mid Tier 1.

Dignitas continued to try and make plays, but the members of Cloud9 were always in the right place at the right time. Turning around a KiWiKiD initiation and then following it up with a successful tower dive in the bottom lane, Cloud9 took a commanding 7k gold lead and the first dragon before 20 minutes.

However the game didn't truly get away from Dignitas until they once again forced a fight which at first looked like a 4v3 in their advantage. A perfect Teleport from Ball straight into the back line and the constant shields from Incarnati0n and LemonNation saved Hai and Sneaky's lives, resulting in a four-for-zero fight. With the Baron as their reward Cloud9 didn't waste any time, seiging down onto Dignitas' base.

Dignitas desperately tried to hold onto their Inhibitors, but another solid team fight out of Cloud9 and a Quadra Kill for Sneaky closed the book on the game, snapping Cloud9's losing skid.

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