Team Impulse take down Team 8, win fifth straight

by theScore Staff Jul 12 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Fighting through a Baron steal, Team Impulse beat down Team 8 to enter a tie for third place.

The early game was reasonably quiet, but things were brought into Team 8's favor when Impact decided to commit to a one-versus-one against CaliTrolz. Unfortunately, he didn't take into consideration Dodo8's Stand United, which kept his top laner alive and while Ignite finished off the fleeing Impact for First Blood.

With his Flash down, Impact continued to be the focus for Team 8, and by using the global presence of Dodo8 and Goldenglue, T8 picked up another kill to increase their gold lead.

Taking advantage of T8's global abilities being on cooldown after the second gank on Impact, TiP found a kill onto Nien, both the Tier 1 mid lane and bottom lane as well as the first dragon on the match.

In order to counteract the global strategy of T8, TiP grouped early and often to invade the jungle and deny resources from their opponents while keeping each other safe from being picked off. With strength in numbers, TiP took the second dragon while maintaining an even game in gold.

The first major fight of the game came around the 25 minute mark as T8 sieged onto TiP's mid lane Tier 1. It was a sloppy fight that turned when Porpoise8 accidentally knocked Adrian into his own carries, giving the TiP support a free access to the back line.

At the end of the skirmish it was a four-for-two exchange in favor of TiP, which earned them the first major gold lead of the match.

A pick onto CaliTrolz8 allowed TiP to start the Baron seemingly uncontested. Porpoise8 played the hero and Flash-stole the Baron right out from TiP's noses while at the same time both Nien8 and Goldenglue were split-pushing across the map.

With Porpoise8's play T8 earned themselves two free towers plus the Baron for the price of CaliTrolz8 life, swinging the gold lead all the way back into T8's hand.

Forcing their advantage, T8 took down TiP's top lane Tier 2. Moving through the jungle they caught XioaWeiXiao out of position, but Porpoise8 and Dodo8 had to dive too deep to finalize the kill. In the resulting team fight TiP came out ahead with a three-for-one trade

For the rest of the match T8 initiated almost every fight but consistently came out on the losing side. Catching out a few members of T8 near the river, TiP took a solid fight which resulted in the mid lane Inhibitor going doing in their favor.

With the gold lead mounting and every fight going TiP's way, the final blow came in the river when CaliTrolz8 got caught out a little to far ahead of his team. With his damage dealer completely unable to react TiP was able to divide and conquer T8, chasing down the retreating member to net a four-for-two fight.

With that fight TiP cleaned up the Nexus, winning their fifth straight match putting them firmly into the playoff picture.

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