Counter Logic Gaming enter tie for third with win over TDK

by theScore Staff Jul 12 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

With a solid win over the lowly Team Dragon Knights, Counter Logic Gaming solidify their playoff position and enter into three-way tie for third place.

Taking advantage of Doublelift and Aphromoo's greedy push in the bottom lane, Kez snuck in behind the CLG duo to claim First Blood for Emperor. The successful gank also earned TDK the first dragon of the match. With Pobelter using Destiny to help, ZionSpartan responded immediately by picking up a kill onto Seraph.

Using Twisted Fate's global presence, CLG found an advantageous fight in the bottom lane. Although plenty of Summoner Spells and ultimates were blown of both sides, CLG eventually walked away with a single kill onto kez and the bottom lane turret.

With so many Flashes down across the board, both teams traded kills back and forth with the big winner being Ninja who found himself a pair of kills on Pobelter and Zion. Heading into the mid-game, however, CLG was nursing a respectable 3k gold lead.

CLG grouped around Doublelift, pushing down TDK's mid lane Tier 1. But when CLG tried to transition to dragon, a Charm onto Zion gave TDK the advantage, and CLG was forced to give up the objective.

Moving towards the 25 minute mark CLG were holding onto their gold lead due to the fact that TDK were unable to take down any turrets, but TDK's late-game carries of Ninja and Emperor continued to find kills and farm across the map. While CLG was falling behind in kills, they found their first dragon.

A few minutes later, a pair of picks of the out-of-position kez and Smoothie let CLG capitalize, taking down the Baron for the first major lead of the game. With Baron in hand and Zion's Trinity Force Complete, CLG decided to start a 4-1 splitpush.

Before CLG could get comfortable in their push, Smoothie initiated with a Pulverize onto the main carries of CLG. However CLG outplayed the fight, coming out ahead with a two-for-zero exchange with three members limping away with health blinking red.

Despite the lost fight, TDK forced another in the bottom lane. While they managed to blow up Pobelter immediately, they were not able to touch Doublelife. Rallying around their AD carry, CLG polished off the fight and finalized the Ace, earning themselves more of TDK's towers.

With things looking good for CLG, they gained vision control around the map. However a Charm onto the out-of-position Doublelift and a follow-up kill onto Aphromoo meant that TDK surged back with the Baron and narrowed the gold gap to 8k.

With Zion split-pushing top lane, TDK tried to leverage their Baron buff and dove CLG under their base tower. But the gold deficit was simply too much and CLG took advantage of TDK's mistake to win a two-for-nothing fight. Off of the victory, CLG took down all three Inhibitors in exchange for Zion's life.

With their gold lead topping out over 10k and victory in their eyes, CLG grouped for the final push. The game ended in a hectic scuffle that finished with Doublelift picking up a Triple Kill while the Super Minions overwhelmed TDK's Nexus, closing out the game.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.