FeniX says the new patch gives him a headache

by Daniel Rosen Jul 13 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Damian Estrada / theScore

Jae-Hun "FeniX" Kim is having some troubles with the 5.13 patch to League of Legends. In fact, he says that it's outright confusing to him.

"It gives me a headache," he told Gamespot's Travis Gafford in an interview. "There are so many changes to items, so I have no idea what I should go for. I think the patch is good for AP top laners."

Meanwhile, FeniX doesn't have a problem with the best-of-one format for NA LCS, something many players have expressed poses a problem.

I want best of one. I think best of one is the NA LCS special," he said. "When it's best of two, strong teams, they just win, but in a best of one, sometimes, you guys see a weak team take down a great team."

"I think if we lose best of one, it's our fault, and we'll just try harder."

As for FeniX's new, redder 'do, it may have been a result of charity, but beauty does sometime come with pain.

"It hurt. It was so painful," he said. "I wanted to stop at orange hair, but people were donating, so I just went for red."

FeniX also has a pick for top AD Carry, but maybe not in all of NA LCS.

"Piglet is the best," he said. "Piglet is the best ADC in my heart."

Daniel Rosen is a writer for theScore eSports. He thinks FeniX's new look is great, if maybe a little on the beak. You can follow him on Twitter.