H2K crush Giants to take sole possession of third place

by theScore Staff Jul 16 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Dominating Giants Gaming from start to finish, H2K-Gaming returned to form to start the week out strong and claim their tenth win of the summer.

Although Giants Gaming's duo lane got off to a strong start with a fast Level 2 that put H2K behind immediately, a decisive engage from kaSing earned Hjarnan First Blood.

The action continued to be focused around the bottom of the map, with H2K coming out on top thanks to a Teleport by Odoamne. Things went from bad to worse for Giants as Werlyb overextended trying to kill Odoamne and took a spill, putting H2K ahead by 2k gold at the 10 minute mark.

Showing some signs of life, a Teleport from Werlyb put Giants of the board with a kill onto Ryu and earned them the mid lane Tier 1 as well. But the kill continued to pour in for H2K and heading into the mid-game they led 6-1 on the scoreboard.

What started out as a Tier 1 push for the Giants quickly went south as once again Odoamne's global presence allowed H2K to gain the numbers advantage, coming out ahead in a two-for-nothing exchange.

With a massively fed Shen on their side, H2K continued to find pick after pick onto Giants while grouping and taking any objective they chose. By 20 minutes H2K had a firm control of the map while nursing a solid 6k gold lead.

Continuing their dominance, H2K's high crowd-control composition and Ryu's assassination potential gave the carries of Giants no safe place to farm. Adyrh especially fell massively behind, with a miserable 0-6-0 scoreline and an 80 cs disadvantage as Ryu caught him with Charms time and time again.

10k gold in the lead and with the split-push threat of Ahri and Shen, H2K played it slow, taking whatever objective they could and methodically forcing the Giants out of their own jungle.

A catch onto Fr3derick spelled the Baron for H2K, and when Giants came to contest H2K easily claimed three free kills and the objective. Buff in hand, H2K took down Giants mid lane inhibitor

Although the Giants fought back with a few kills here and there, the crushing 13k disadvantage and wave after wave of Super Minions pouring into their base was simply too much. Closing out the game with a Triple Kill for Ryu and a Fountain-dive Ace, H2K take sole possession of third place with a dominating win.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.