Elements beat last place Copenhagen Wolves

by theScore Staff Jul 16 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Fighting for the final playoff spot, Elements found their sixth win of the season and locked the Copenhagen Wolves into a relegation spot.

A gank from Shook got things started off early as Lenny picked up First Blood onto Tabzz. With a roam from Froggen and a Teleport from Jwaow, Elements answered immediately as a Piercing Arrow took down Shook. A few minutes later, another gank from Shook led to the exact same result — Jwaow taking a spill but a second roam out of Froggen costing Shook his life.

Despite the fact that the Wolves had a minor lead, Elements claimed the first dragon for themselves. Froggen and Tabzz's constant poke also allowed Elements to group up and take down the mid Tier 1, leveling the match.

After the flurry of early action, both teams settled down into a long period of controlled play with Elements coming out slightly ahead by taking their second and third dragons while also scraping together a small 1.5k gold lead.

With almost half an hour on the game clock, Elements decided to group and use their poke to siege down the Wolves' Tier 2 mid and top lane.

Making a risky call, the Wolves started up a Baron. However, Elements managed to arrive in time to fight, winning a convincing skirmish and taking the buff for themselves. When the dust settled Elements walked away with the the first major lead of the game.

Continuing to try and fight, the Wolves again came out on the losing side of a skirmish near dragon, only putting Elements even further in the lead.

Soren tried to make a big play as Elements pushed bottom lane with their Baron buff, but with nearly a 10k advantage Elements was still able to muscle down the Inhibitor while only losing Froggen in the retreat.

With Froggen down, the Wolves felt confident enough to push Elements' base. But a strong Equalizer from Jwaow and a flank from dexter meant the Wolves' were punished for their decision as Elements easily won the fight and counter-pushed all the way to the Wolves' base.

However in their push Froggen got caught by a taunt, and as Elements scrambled to save their mid-laner the Wolves were able to win their first fight of the game, taking down three Elements members and only losing Shook.

Despite the setback Elements were still firmly in the lead. Taking a fight at Baron fight, Elements earned a handful of kills and the buff. With no mistakes this time, Elements were able to push the Wolves' Nexus down to claim their sixth win of the split.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.