SK Gaming dominate the Unicorns of Love in Gilius' debut

by theScore Staff Jul 16 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

In a game that was never in doubt, SK Gaming overcame their internal struggles to smash the Unicorns of Love in their first match without Kikis.

Showing no fear in his LCS debut, Gilius ganked early and often. But it was experience that paid off as Svenskeren snagged First Blood with a counter-gank in the mid lane.

Applying pressure with his lead Sven dominated the map, picking up two kills in a tower dive bottom lane before walking all the way top to punish Vizicsacsi for overextending.

Trying to get something going, the Unicorns grouped early but once again Svenskeren was there to punish, teaming up with Fox and nRated to pick up yet more kills.

After taking the first dragon, SK established complete map control and a significant 8k gold lead only fifteen minutes into the match. Whenever the Unicorns tried to do anything to come back into the game, the members of SK were always in position, and heading into the mid game UoL trailed by a kill score of 1-11.

Time and time again UoL forced skirmishes only to have the members of SK slip away with slivers of health. What looked like a pick onto Svenskeren turned into a fight that looked good for UoL, but the rest of SK swooped in to turn the catch costly for the Unicorns.

With their tremendous lead and the poke from Fox, Sven and CandyPanda making it nearly impossible for UoL to fight, SK Gaming cleaned up all of the Tier 2 towers with ease.

A pick onto Gilius and Vizicsacsi meant Baron was the prize for SK Gaming, growing their gold lead all the way to 15k.

With the Baron buff on their side, SK easily dove the base to crush UoL's Nexus in just under half an hour to complete the dominating victory.

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