Gambit upset Origen, keep pace in playoff race

by theScore Staff Jul 16 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Led by Diamond's excellent play on Nidalee, Gambit Gaming managed to take down second place Origen to win four out of their last five matches.

A wrap-around gank in the mid lane by Amazing sparked a skirmish with Diamond in position to counter-gank. Although Betsy went down early, a chase and tower dive by Diamondprox resulted in a two-for-two across the board, but with Origen coming out slightly better with the First Blood money.

The early game was a jungle duel as Amazing and Diamond continued to make moves, with one often in position to counter the other. However Origen found a kill onto Cabochard while Gambit picked up Mithy in mirrored plays, bring the game to dead even.

Things opened up for Gambit when a roam from Betsy earned him two kill in the top lane while Origen only managed to take down the Tier 1 mid in exchange. With Diamond continuing to pressure top and taking the tower, Origen secured the first dragon of the match but was still behind 2k gold at 16 minutes.

With Diamond getting fed, he was able to aggressively invade Orgien's jungle and even chase down the tanky sOAZ to find a solo kill. However Origen continued to prioritize the objectives, taking their second dragon but falling further behind in the gold department.

Leveraging their lead and vision control, Gambit was able to take Baron before Origen was even aware it was happening and at 25 minutes had a commanding hold on the game.

Despite their gold advantage, Gambit was happy to play it slow, poking Origen and chipping at their towers. A kill onto sOAZ near dragon opened the door for Gambit to take the objective and follow it up with a tower dive under the Tier 2 mid. The fight was extended with kills being traded back and forth, but when the dust settled it was a three-for-two in Orgien's favor.

Regrouping, Gambit once again found sOAZ out of position this time near Baron and started the objective. A taunt onto xPeke immediately after allowed Gambit to secure the Baron without any chance of a contest from Origen.

Moving methodically around the map, Gambit used Diamond and Betsy's poke to cleanly take the last of Origen's Tier 2 towers and increase their gold lead to 11k.

With the split-pushing pressure mounting, Origen were unable to keep Gambit out of their base as both the top and bot lane Inhibitor went down after an extended skirmish. Gambit's front line of Cabochard and GoSu Pepper were simply too tanky for Origen to deal with as Betsy, FORG1VEN and Diamond were able to deal damage freely.

After the Super Minions began spawning and Gambit miles ahead, it was only a matter of time before the final push came and Gambit completed the upset. With the win Gambit keep pace for fourth on the table and also gives Lucian his first LCS win this season.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.