Fnatic take down ROCCAT, extend win streak to 15

by theScore Staff Jul 16 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

With Huni delivering Riven's first LCS appearance in style, Fnatic won their fifteenth straight in a convincing win over Team ROCCAT.

The early game was highly tactical, with both teams trading Tier 1 towers in top and mid, but Fnatic also came out of the lane swap with first dragon.

Using their double globals ReignOver and Febiven pounced on Steve, giving Fnatic First Blood and putting Huni ahead early. However NukeDuck and MrRalleZ used their long range to answer right back, picking off Febiven in the mid lane.

With his early lead Huni snowballed ahead, gaining a 60 CS lead over Steve at the 15 minute mark which gave Fnatic a modest 1k lead plus the second dragon. However ROCCAT were the ones applying the pressure, using their dual AD carries to clear waves and shove onto Fnatic's Tier 2s.

With the third dragon spawning and Fnatic in control of the pit, NukeDuck stole away the dragon with a Piercing Arrow to keep ROCCAT close in objectives.

Combining with Huni, Febiven used his global presence to pick off Steve two more times, pushing Fnatic's gold lead to 4k and giving Huni over a 100 cs advantage.

With all the split-push power Fnatic took control of ROCCAT's jungle, diving back behind the Tier 2 bottom to pick up two more kills while only losing ReignOver in exchange. With full vision of the river, Fnatic started the fourth dragon of the game only to have it stolen away - this time by Jankos - to put the dragon counter even at two a piece.

Forcing a team fight in the mid lane, Fnatic crushed ROCCAT after Huni flanked over a wall with Flash and landed a three-man stun. Walking away with four kills and the Baron as their prize, Fnatic's gold lead was now over 12k.

With the buff on their side and Huni ridiculously far ahead, Fnatic established a 3-1-1 split push setup to slowly chip away at all of ROCCAT's base towers. Overstaying their welcome, Fnatic traded an Inhibitor kill for Febiven and Huni as ROCCAT mounted a desperate defense.

Taking Baron at respawn, Fnatic returned to their split-push tactics. With ROCCAT completely unable to prevent Fnatic from taking down all three Inhibitors, a final lengthy siege was all Fnatic needed to close out the match and extend their record setting win steak.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.