Balls, Incarnati0n and Sneaky listed as subs for Cloud9 Tempest

by Daniel Rosen Jul 17 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Cloud9

An "Balls" Lee, Nicolaj "Incarnati0n" Jensen and Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi have been listed as substitutes for Cloud9's Challenger Series team, Cloud9 Tempest on the team's lolesports profile.

The three players are still listed as starting players on Cloud9's LCS roster.

Cloud9's founder, Jack Etienne made a reddit post in which he stated that the the three players are subs for Cloud9 Tempest, and the main rosters for both teams have not changed.

C9's LCS team is currently eighth in the standings, with a 4-10 record. The team has averaged a 2.5 KDA ratio over the summer split. Two weeks ago, C9's Jungler, William "Meteos" Hartman stepped down from his position on the team, and was replaced by Hai "Hai" Lam, who came out of retirement to jungle for Cloud9. In an interview, Hai said he believed his being on the team was the best chance they had to make it to seventh and avoid relegation.

Their next game is on July 18, against Enemy eSports.

Cloud9 Tempest are currently third in the Challenger Series standings, with a 4-4 record. Their next game is on July 21 against Team Coast.

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