ROCCAT beat Giants to close in on playoff spot

by theScore Staff Jul 17 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

In a game which could decide playoff seeding, ROCCAT triumphed over Giants with superior team fighting.

Both teams took the first ten minutes of the match very slow, happy with standard lanes and farming up rather than risking a major engagement.

A roam from Vander into the mid lane caught PePiiNeRo off guard, which meant First Blood went to Team ROCCAT. However a sneaky Body Slam over the wall allowed Fr3derck to respond immediately with the first dragon.

With both teams destroying a handful Tier 1 towers each, the map opened up significantly, which allowed Werlyb to start split-pushing.

The first significant fight of the match took place near the dragon pit. ROCCAT did not allow Giants to set up their flank correctly, Flash-initiating onto PePiiNeRo and taking him down immediately. Werlyb and GODFRED did what they could, but without their mid laner Giants simply did not have the damage and at the end of the skirmish ROCCAT walked away with a four-for-three exchange and the dragon.

Despite the team fight win, the constant split-pushing from Werlyb meant ROCCAT was still at a 1.5k disadvantage.

A few minutes later, both teams were sizing each other up around the Baron pit and trading damage back and forth. The stalemate was broken when Adyrh charged forward aggressively, only to be rooted and taken down almost instantly. In the resulting chase ROCCAT picked up two more kills, and the Baron afterwards. The remaining Giants members had to settle for a consolation dragon.

With the first major lead of the game ROCCAT immediately grouped up and forced the Giants back, taking their mid lane Inhibitor and bottom lane Tier 2 for free.

The Giants desperately tried to claw back by engaging onto ROCCAT in the jungle, but the peel from Steve, Jankos and Vander kept ROCCAT's damage dealers safe despite the dive. When the dust settled ROCCAT once again came out on top with a two-for-nothing.

At 40 minutes into the match, ROCCAT led by 3k gold and had the Baron in their sights. With the Giants forced to send Werlyb back to protect the base, ROCCAT pounced on the opportunity and found two kills. With the numbers advantage, ROCCAT claimed the Baron and a three-for-two kill trade.

With the game firmly in hand all it took was for ROCCAT to win one last skirmish near dragon to be able to close out the game. With the win ROCCAT enters into a tie for sixth and keeps pace in the fight for the few remaining playoff spots.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.