Copenhagen Wolves stun H2K in dramatic upset

by theScore Staff Jul 17 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

In the upset of the season, the last place Copenhagen Wolves shocked H2K-Gaming to keep themselves alive and hold off auto-relegation.

An early invade by loulex and kaSing cost H2K as the Wolves collapsed and find First Blood onto the support. A few minutes a roam from je suis Kaas into the mid lane earned the Wolves their second kill and a surprising early gold lead.

With his two kill lead, Soren pressured Ryu aggressively and dove onto him for the kill. However in a huge play Ryu kept his head and turned the fight around, killing Soren with only a sliver of health left himself.

Thanks to their strong early plays, the Wolves held a small 1k gold lead at 10 minutes are were able to secure the dragon uncontested. However they over-estimated their lead and gave H2K an opening to pick up two kills onto Lenny and Shook, as well as the mid lane Tier 1, swinging the gold lead to H2K's favor.

A face-check by loulex into the Wolves quickly turned into a full-blown team fight. Despite being at a numbers disadvantage overall, the Wolves' chain crowd control allowed them to complete the five-man wipe of H2K while only losing kaas, putting them once again into the lead by 3k gold.

Despite the advantage the Wolves were still on their heels as H2K started to apply pressure across the map, gaining deep vision in the jungle. But fight after fight continued to go the Wolves' way even with Soren split-pushing across the map, which meant their gold lead grew to 5k at 25 minutes.

Finally pushing out, a catch onto Ryu spelled Baron for the Wolves. With the buff and a very fed Irelia split pushing, the Wolves sieged H2K's base. After Soren found a solo kill onto Hjarnan, the base was cracked and the Wolves walked away with the bottom lane Inhibitor. Playing it slow, the Wolves chipped away at what was left of H2K's base.

With Baron respawning, H2K managed to win the extended team fight despite the massive gold disadvantage. Pushing out using the Baron buff and with their Inhibitor freshly-respawned, it was now H2k's turn to successfully siege the Wolves' mid and top lane Inhibtor. However, in the retreat H2K lost three members, and with the power play the Wolves claimed their fifth dragon and the Baron buff.

A catch onto Soren allowed H2K to fight through the Wolves' buffs and push the base. But even in a four-versus-five the Aspect of the Dragon buff, a few great hooks from je suis kaas and a flanking Teleport by Lenny allowed the Wolves to win the fight — and eventually push through for the win to complete the dramatic upset.

With the victory the Wolves stave off auto-relegation, keeping themselves alive to fight another day.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.