Origen stop slide, take down SK Gaming

by theScore Staff Jul 17 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Recovering from their two game losing skid, Origen looked dominant, claiming sole possession of second place with the win over SK Gaming.

The bottom lane duos were trading back and forth early and often, which resulted in a one-for-one but with Origen coming out of the exchange with First Blood.

Sensing weakness, Amazing ganked bottom lane to take down CandyPanda a second time, putting Origen 1.5k gold in the lead at only 10 minutes. SK fought back strong, with nRated's getting revenge kill onto Mithy and across the map Svenskeren dove the tower to take down sOAZ.

Grouping early, Origen used xPeke and Niels' poke to siege SK's mid lane Tier 1. On the back of a hook by Mithy, Origen found two kills, the tower and the first dragon of the game to put them a solid 3k ahead.

Pressing forward, Origen took control of the map and played it slowly, gaining vision in SK's jungle and keeping pressure on all the lanes.

The next major fight didn't happen until 25 minutes. Svenskeren got things started off right for SK but with their lead Origen still managed to come out ahead five-for-four.

Trying to bait a Baron, SK gaming overstayed their welcome which allowed Origen to collapse. After another chaotic fight, Origen came away with their second Ace while only losing two of their own members.

With their lead now pushed to 8k, Origen was free to roam around the map and take whatever they wanted, which included Baron and their fourth dragon. Cleaning up more kills and the rest of SK's Tier 2 turrets, the siege was on and Origen destroyed the Inhibitors in the mid and bottom lanes after a few quick skirmishes.

Showing some signs of life, an excellent Teleport flank from fredy122 netted SK two free kills.

Unfortunately the play only bought SK a few more minutes as Origen regrouped, took the second Baron and won the final fight, smashing SK's Nexus and taking sole possession of second place.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.