Fnatic continue dominance with win over Elements

by theScore Staff Jul 17 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

With another perfect week in the books, Fnatic extends their win streak to 16 games and hurt Elements' playoff chances.

Things got crazy immediately as dexter caught Fnatic attempting an early dragon. With many members on Fnatic very low, it looked like things would go Elements way with the rest of the team collapsing. But somehow not only did Fnatic walk away with the First Blood onto dexter without losing anyone but they also secured the dragon.

The action continued to be centered on the dragon pit, with both teams clashing at the second spawn. Once again the fight started looking good for Elements, but Fnatic came out ahead with a one-for-one trade and the objective in their favor.

After the hectic early game, the match settled into a much more calculated pace. At the 20 minute mark, the game was dead even with Fnatic leading in kills but Elements a tower up. With Rekkles split-pushing and destroying the bottom lane Tier 2, Fnatic carved out a 1.5k gold lead.

Froggen kept the game in control, constantly taking chunks out of the members of Fnatic and forcing them back to base, which let Elements come back with two dragons of their own as well as the Tier 2 mid lane.

Catching out Tabzz and dexter, Fnatic confidently took Baron. With Huni's full-damage Jarvan coming online the carries of Elements stood no chance. Forcing a fight near dragon Huni found and deleted both Froggen and Tabzz, which meant an Inhibtior for Fnatic. In the span of a few short minutes Fnatic completely took over the game.

With a major lead established, Fnatic started the split-push strategy. Completely unable to defend, Elements folded and with a few more kills Fnatic wasted no time in finishing the match.

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