TiP win sixth straight, TSM continues slide

by theScore Staff Jul 18 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games / Riot Games

Taking control of third with a strategic win over Team SoloMid, Team Impulse extend their streak and put themselves into a good position to contest top two on the table.

A four-man dive under the Tier 1 tower in the bottom lane secured an easy First Blood for Team Impulse.

A tower dive by TSM ended in disaster when Adrian slipped away with barely any health as the rest of TiP collapsed. After the extended chase through the jungle, TiP came out way ahead with four kill at no cost, extending the gold lead to 2.5k at 15 minutes.

TSM finally got on the board with a pair of kills onto Impact, but TiP slowly but surely grew their lead to 5k with all three Tier 2 towers and the dragon. Every time Bjergsen tried to make a play with his global, TiP punished TSM across the map.

Through the mid-game both teams played highly tactical, with no major team fight victories to either side.

Playing against the globals of TSM, TiP constantly tried to force Baron but never came out with more than a kill here or there. Meanwhile Dyrus' split-pushing prevented TiP from making any major moves and closed the gold gap slightly.

Eventually TiP's persistence paid off, as they were able to bait TSM into a skirmish and win the scattered fight two-for-nothing.

With a solid lead established and the Baron buff in hand, TiP wasted no time in sieging TSM's base. Taking down two Inhibitors uncontested, nothing stopped TiP from continuing to force TSM back. With TSM desperately initiating before it was too late, TiP rallied and convincingly won the fight to hand TSM their fourth straight loss.

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