CLG snap Liquid's win streak, enter three-way tie for second

by theScore Staff Jul 18 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Winning their third straight, Counter Logic Gaming put an end to Team Liquid's streak and moved themselves into a strong playoff position.

With a strong lead in the lane-swap, ZionSpartan solo killed Quas for a tower dive First Blood, but FeniX and IWillDominate were in position to pick up the immediate reply. In the meantime CLG took the first dragon.

Quas continued to struggle as CLG sent three members top, expanding ZionSpartan's cs lead to 30 at only 10 minutes into the match and putting CLG ahead by 1k.

Team Liquid started to claw back with a pick onto Pobelter and a dragon of their own, but the gold lead continued to be in CLG's favor. The game settled into a slower pace, with both teams poking back and forth but no significant engagements happening.

Thanks to ZionSpartan and Doubelift's split-pushing, CLG opened up the map and expanded their lead to 3k by taking down Liquid's mid and bottom lane Tier 2's as well as their third dragon.

The first major skirmish took place near the Baron pit just before the 30 minute mark, with CLG's lead left intact after the two-for-two exchange.

CLG methodically pressed into Liquid's jungle, controlling the vision and getting their fourth dragon.

After a long dance around Baron, things looked to be in Liquid's favor when Pobelter went down. However Liquid were indecisive in their movements, giving CLG the time to regroup and pick off Xpecial and leaving FeniX critically low. With Pobleter respawning, CLG confidently started Baron, securing the objective and taking a three-for-nothing fight.

With the buff and a massive numbers advantage, CLG quickly pushed all the way to Liquid's Nexus and closed out the game without any more troubles. The win means CLG enters into a three-way tie for second with Team Impulse and Team Liquid, with all the teams fighting for the first-round playoff bye.

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