Dignitas upset Gravity in 55 minute slugfest

by theScore Staff Jul 18 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Halting their late season slide with the win in a back-and-forth epic, Dignitas snap Gravity's six game win streak and enter into a tie for the final playoff spot.

A two-man gank mid lane just after the 3 minute mark spelled death for Keane and First Blood to Dignitas.

Both teams grouped early and clashed in the mid lane after Dignitas attempted to dive the tower, with Gravity coming out on top and evening the kill score 1-1. With both Hauntzer and Altec freezing top and bottom lane, Gravity gave up the first dragon but built themselves a solid 1.5k gold lead.

Another mid lane dive, this time successful, allowed Dignitas to even the tower score at three apiece and narrow the gold difference.

Dignitas completely turned the game on its head with a fight near the dragon pit. Things started off looking good for Gravity, but they over-chased and a massive GNAR! from Gamsu onto four set up Shiphtur for a clean-up Penta Kill before 15 minutes.

Later on, a face-check by Move and BunnyFuFuu meant Baron was guaranteed for Dignitas. As a consolation prize Gravity split-pushed down the Tier 2 mid and bottom lane and found a kill onto a massively out of position KiWiKiD.

Still 5k ahead, Dignitas decided to trade the fourth dragon in exchange for their final Tier 2 tower. Not risking anything Dignitas waited patiently for the second spawn of Baron.

Taking the fight, Gravity managed to trade one-for-one despite the deficit but were too low to take the objective.

The spawn of dragon and Aspect on the table for Dignitas meant a shift in priorities. Gravity were once again in position to deny Dignitas the buff and even picked up Helios in the bargain.

Running to Baron with the numbers advantage, Gravity secured the objective at the cost of Hauntzer and Move. Although they were still down in gold, Gravity was still able to take down Dignitas' bottom lane Inhibitor thanks to the Baron buff.

Moving to mid, Keane was hooked, charmed and killed without being able to get any spells off. Without their mid laner Gravity lost the fight three-for-one with the remaining members sent packing, allowing Dignitas to respond with a mid lane Inhibitor of their own.

Attempting to secure Aspect for the second time, Dignitas started off the dragon only to have it denied again by a steal from Move.

In a very long dance back and forth around Baron, Gravity found multiple kills onto the members of Dignitas and secured the objective. A few moments later Dignitas' hopes of Aspect were once again shattered when Move stole the dragon again.

With the hour mark approaching and Dignitas' minor gold lead basically irrelevant, the match was decided by one last teamfight. With Gravity pushing the base, KiWiKiD landed a hook onto Bunny that started the fight in Dignitas' favor. Chasing down all four remaining members of Gravity, CoreJJ capped off the fight with a Triple Kill to put an end to the nerve-wracking, back-and-forth game.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.