TDK locked into auto-relegation with loss to Team 8

by theScore Staff Jul 18 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games / Riot Games

They put up a strong fight, but Team Dragon Knight was unable to hold off a surging Team 8 and finds themselves bound for auto-relegation.

The first ten minutes was slow, with both teams sizing each other up and happy to play it safe. Team Dragon Knights had a minor advantage due to a turret lead, but otherwise the game was dead even throughout the early and mid game.

First Blood didn't drop until nearly 20 minutes when both teams clashed in the jungle. The fight was a one-for-one, but Team 8 did secure the first kill despite being the team that was engaged upon.

After the scuffle both teams returned to patient play, trading a few kills here and there but with no major advantage gained.

Things started to shift when Team 8 grouped up around the middle lane, using their poke to snipe out Emperor and follow it up with a dive to kill Seraph. With the numbers advantage, T8 destroyed both of TDK's outer towers to bring the game back to even.

Answering back immediately, TDK pounced on a poor CaliTrolz8 Teleport to take down Team 8's Tier 2 bottom lane and find two kills, taking back the lead.

With so much hanging on the outcome of the match, both teams were playing scared.

The first major of the move of the game came around 34 minutes when Team 8 decided to trade their bottom lane Inhibitor for the Baron and a handful of kills.

A chaotic fight erupted when Emperor got caught near the dragon pit, with Team 8 capitalizing on the slip-up to walk away with four-for-one exchange plus the dragon and TDK's mid lane Inhibitor.

With Baron back on the field both teams converged. Another hectic, lengthy fight ended in an Ace for T8, but in the meantime TDK's minions destroyed the bottom lane Inhibitor.

With the first strong lead of the game and the Baron buff, Team 8 pushed into TDK's base. Taking two Inhibitors, Team 8 almost won the final team fight to close it out but Emperor managed to stay alive and take out Nien, preventing the finish.

Undeterred, Team 8 regrouped in the bottom lane with the final Inhibitor in their sights. Fighting back strong, a flanking Teleport from Seraph meant TDK took a three-for-one exchange and once again held off the loss.

Despite their effort, Emperor was caught out once again in the jungle a few minutes later and Team 8 cleaned up the Ace and base shortly after.

With the win, Team 8 continues to hold onto a one game lead for seventh place while TDK are officially locked into auto-relegation out of the LCS.

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