CLG top Cloud9 in thrilling match

by theScore Staff Jul 19 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

It was back-and-forth all game, but eventually Counter Logic Gaming emerged victorious over Cloud9 in a game full of a pulse-pounding team fights.

The laning phase was all Cloud9, with Hai applying tremendous pressure especially in the mid lane, building a 30 CS lead for Incarnati0n. However a Teleport by ZionSpartan meant that First Blood and first tower went to CLG, negating the advantage.

Showing off his skill, Incarnati0n made a huge play and turned an Xmithie gank on it's head, killing Pobelter in the 1v2. With all three lanes winning and all the Tier 1 towers destroyed, Cloud9 was sitting pretty with around a 2k gold lead.

CLG secured their second dragon of the game at the cost of Pobelter's life, and found a handful of kills here and there to bring the scoreboard to 5-3.

With their modest lead, Cloud9 slowly but surely pushed into CLG's jungle and began to command vision across the map. Holding dominance of the river, C9 picked off Aphromoo and started the objective with the power play. Although CLG tried to contest, C9 took the dragon and found a kill onto Zion to boot.

Not afraid of Cloud9, CLG used their movement speed to jump onto Incarnati0n and remove him from the fight immediately. With their strongest member dead, Cloud9 folded and CLG took a four-for-nothing plus the Baron to completely erase the deficit.

With their buff CLG exerted pressure for the first time all game, forcing C9 under their towers and taking the third dragon. A catch onto Incarnati0n resulted in a hectic two-for-one exchange, but with their buff wearing off CLG was unable to take any significant objectives.

The fights continued to be very very close, and by 30 the game was back to dead even with a 10-10 kill score and a minuscule difference in gold.

Charging forward, things finally broke when brilliant kiting from C9 resulted in a three-for-two team fight trade. With the remaining members forcing Baron, C9 peeled off an completed the Ace while also picking up the buff for their own.

Forcing down onto CLG's side of the map, C9 cleaned up the rest of the Tier 2 towers to put the ahead by 6k.

After a few minutes of patient play, another massive brawl broke out in the middle lane. The fight was very scattered and although Sneaky got a Triple Kill, CLG won the fight with the Ace. With the mid lane Inhibitor as their prize, CLG once again managed to stabilize the game.

Trying to sneak away the Baron, Cloud9 ended up trapped in the pit when CLG came to contest. It was another chaotic fight, with the Baron going over to C9 but with CLG walking away on top of a four-for-three trade.

Sneaky tried to be the hero and defend, but was unable to hold off Doublelift and Aphromoo as CLG closed out the game to put an end to the back-and-forth thriller.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSport. You can follow him on Twitter.